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September 15th, 2010 § 1 comment

What started out as an idea to blog about a wonderful cookery course that I’m doing through Chefs Warehouse in Cape Town has – following a spate of resignations which resulted in my departure from magazine publishing, moving to a farm in the winelands and getting a platinum blond version of Lassie from the SPCA – evolved into a visual diary of all the good food to cross my path, and the wonderful people who cook with so much gusto. Not necessarily chefs. And more often than not at someone’s home. Milly (the four-legged blond) and I kicked 2010 to the curb by embarking on a road trip that zigzagged down the Cape coast, all the way into the heart of the Big Karoo and back again. From a suckling pig in Stilbaai to roosterkoek in Oyster Bay, to a randy old boergoat (we didn’t eat him but we should have) and peppermint crisp tart in the Karoo, and Knysna oysters in Napier…

The rules of kitchen vixenage are simple… eat life off a pretty plate, follow rules only if they make sense, and always thank the cook. Besides, my cousin J says all that stuff about having to chew your food 30 times is bull shit – that’s what stomach acid is there for.

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