This little piggy snuffed it

February 9th, 2011 § 5 comments

Errol sported shiny earrings to the party

I humbly apologize to all sensitive readers but there’s no sugar coating this hog… honey with a touch of ginger would work though. I have a bent for all things artisinal and peasanty so whole animals with or without skin may feature here…. if you’re vegetarian go to and click on the veg option…. seriously, please excuse the f-bomb but the site is a wickedly funny food directory with real recipes to guide you through your what-to-eat-moments.

Not to digress… 2010 seems to have been a tough year for most of my friends. For me it was a year of loss and heartache, so meeting up with 9 lovely people, 5 old dogs and 2 shy cats in Stilbaai was a blessing. And one unlucky piglet. Do not underestimate the intense passion and reverence with which this piglet marked the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new year. I first encountered it in a deep freeze on a farm a week before New Year….

The deep freeze belongs to gourmet foodies, Sakkie and Prinses (perhaps not their real names) who planned our New Year’s feast with the greatest of care. I gave Errol one look and knowing the size of the new oven at Stilbaai, guessed that perhaps he would not fit…. but on the day with hours to go before midnight, Sakkie simply had to come up with a cutting edge solution. Never mind a split PEA!

OK I’m just going to forget about the vegans and vegetarians for the rest of this post otherwise I won’t be able to finish. After a good rub with a fragrant basting, Errol was left to slow roast – unstuffed – for a few hours. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE pork, but this was my first encounter with the meat in whole animal form.

Macabre fascination. The tin foil ear hoodies are there to protect the soft ear tissue, otherwise you’ll have beautifully golden brown suckling pig with dried out, blackened ears. Which was not the case, thanks to Sakkie’s pro pig roasting skills.

I’m not used to seeing a severed head on a platter and could freak you out with a few more photos, but suffice to say it was a delicious, very festive meal, washed down with superb wine and enjoyed with great friends…. Thank you Errol. You did gooooood.

Adios 2010!!

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