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Class 9 of 20, The Basic Techniques and Methods of Cookery

By Liam Tomlin, Chefs Warehouse, Cape Town

Here’s Liam’s side-kick and a kitchen vixen of distinction, Itami Chieppa, with…. exhibit A of the Game class. I once again sense my vegetarian/vegan friends slipping away… awaaaay… and a good things it is too because I nearly passed out when Liam removed the liver.

Poised for liver extraction

“It looks like a baby,” someone cried as Liam placed the rabbit on the work surface. I don’t know. I tend to view rabbits more as pets than food. Probably because we South Africans are spoilt. When you say GAME, I think (no, not the store…. please) Springbok, Koedoe, Eland, maybe a wildevark (wild boar) or some kind of a bird, but not really even birds. Wild buck. Am I a game snob?

And then there’s the issue of actually working with meat. Whole animals. Pulling skin away, carving to the bone and severing parts. The likes of Anthony Bourdain would spit on you – on us – little consumers buying non-challenging, portioned vacuum-packed animal and pretending it was never part of a whole. Mind you, for most of his life Anthony Bourdain pretty much spat on everyone… but I do think we meat eaters should cut the hypocrisy along with the shank. If you eat meat you must acknowledge where it comes from and work with it.

But a little rabbit…. not to mention the wee rack of this wee little rabbit….

Toothpick-sized ribs

And then, the dish in its final glory…

Jessica Rabbit on a roll

Because rabbit isn’t a frequent feature in our food chain, this particular session was a bit challenging. The final dish was a work of art, but watching it come together was… a bit unnerving. But still much MUCH easier on the system than Black Swan, the movie, which I saw yesterday and found so terrifying – don’t go without parental supervision. Regardless of your age.


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