A note on visiting musicians….

February 18th, 2011 § 0 comments

I’m so glad U2 is closing for THE SPRINGBOK NUDE GIRLS!!!! I’ve been in such a daze I didn’t realize I’d be seeing the Nudies at the concert tonight. Absolutely can’t wait to see my favourite band in the universe. With 70 000 people. In a massive stadium! Went and had my hair cut today and asked for the ‘wild rock chick look’….

Ja… about as wild as a garlic peeler. BUT I know how much it irks Bono that so little transformation has taken place in South Africa and that he’s always confronted by a sea of white faces whenever he performs here (which may or may not have something to do with the fact that they play rock-n-roll which doesn’t attract black concertgoers… generally… just guessing here) so I’ve decided to funk things up a bit….

Jackie Brown in da HOUSE!

So Bono my man, tonight I’m going as a black lady, so just focus on me in the sea of off-beige faces alright. And Edge, I’ll be checking you, cool dude that you are. I love their music but I’d really prefer Bono to drink from the cup of silence in between songs… otherwise I might have to run outside the stadium and cast my ticket in some drain somewhere. So let’s just rock!!

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