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April 10th, 2011 § 5 comments

Last weekend marked the end of an era for me. Liam Tomlin’s first 20-part Basic Techniques and Methods of Cookery course came to an end. And with holiday breaks and all, we the class of 2010/11 got together every second weekend on a Saturday for almost a year… from May ’10 to April ’11. That takes some doing…

What an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning with great people. Not to mention the food. We ended with cheese and after my souffle experience in Napier, the star of this day was Liam’s double baked souffle. The beauty of this dish is it’s not such a big deal if the souffles are on the flat side.

Four little souffles in a pan

Dropped in cream and with a liberal sprinkling of Gruyere, the souffles are baked once more to emerge as a thing of immense beauty and calorific nonchalance.

Frommage for all

But our last class wasn’t so much about the food. It was a celebration of an amazing experience shared. Since our sommelier Guy Harcourt-Wood absconded to Joburg to smous fancy French wine the availability of a decent Pinot wasn’t always a given, so I took one with to ensure we ended on a happy note.

And then the gorgeous Scanpan that Liam used for his double baked souffles caught my eye… how to get my hands on one of those? With 15 people in the class (at R100 a head) Liam and Jan were bullied into a quick raffle… R1500 would buy us an equally sexy Le Creuset pan and one lucky Chefs Warehouse graduate would head home with a deeply attractive piece of kitchen hardware.

I totally didn't rig it!

But I should have. After much anticipation and happy hysterics, Rachel drew Anette Myburgh’s name from the pan. DAMN! I’ll have to make another plan.

Lucky lady, Anette from Joostenberg Wines

Anetta had quite a day, actually… at one point Liam overturned a bowl of stiff egg whites over her head to show that the eggs absolutely wouldn’t slide out, and they didn’t… so maybe the Le Creuset compensated for the tense seconds under Liam’s mixing bowl.

Eggstreme measures

Although I’m a bit relieved that I don’t have to set aside every second Saturday for cookery school, after a year it has become part of my routine and something I’ll miss. Whenever I caramelize something I’ll think of how Liam says ‘kaarmelize‘ and have a bit of a laugh.

Funnyman Mark (left), captain of the backchat table

The notoriously noisy table at the back

Rachel, who at one stage gave up on ever seeing this blog materialize, and when it did, she promptly berated me for not being on Twitter - thanks mam!

My table, without the lovely Hilda who couldn't make the last class.

The Chefs Warehouse team - thanks guys, you rock!

Me and my dodgy photographic skills... Rachel, I know I owe you a disc with all the food pics!

My very last pic of the course - a little cheesecake

Thanks Liam and Jan. You’ve added a class act to the Cape culinary scene.

PS – two weeks after our riotous last class, Anette sent this pic of her new pan with double-baked souffles. Small one’s with cheddar cheese for her sons and bigger souffles with Gruyere for mister husband. I think the pan went to the right person – a lady who whips up souffles for the men in her life before going out for the evening is one cool mama!

Boys night looks amazing

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  • Lucy de Abreu says:

    Alas, it is sad & true. What will every second Saturday be without meeting the foodies and from my table, Mark, Danie, Patrick, Dimo and Kate, listening to who made what, how it tasted and all the compliments received.

    Now it’s up to us to make or at least attempt to live up to Liam’s standards. How inspirational it was to learn from someone who is so dedicated to his profession.

    I’ll miss all laughs and stories shared, the comments from the ‘noisy’ table, the coffee, orange juice and all the good, scrumptious food.

    To Liam, Jan, Rachel, Peter and Bailey – Good luck to you all
    To my fellow foodies – happy cooking!

  • Griekie says:

    I totally agree that the pan when to the right cookery class school girl … as Anette’s sister, I have inherited none of her love for all things cooking and baking but enjoy being spoilt by her generosity as a host and even more so as a sister. I have tasted many cookery school taught miracles over the past 12 months and the fun she shared with the class of 2010/2011 has split into our lives with loads of hysterical ‘Saturday cookery class war stories’ over recreated master pieces in her farm kitchen, with all the love and laughter and passion only she can whip into a meal – I’ve always marveled at how much effort Anette puts into her food making, be it ‘just a quick breakfast’ or a ‘5 course fancy food affair’ – she does so with flair and infects every guest at her table with her love for life. Anybody who has eaten at her decadent, decorated and celebratory tables will know how it feels to be lavishly spoilt!

  • Peter Brophy says:

    Came across an image from this post while researching some Chefs Warehouse stories. Bianca, you were such fun in those classes and seeing this brings back the fun times that those Saturday classes were. Pity I’m obscured by the ‘mad’ Rachel in the team image, but hey, I’m the quiet one 🙂
    Look forward to seeing you again, and sooner hopefully and not later xxx

    • admin says:

      Helloooo darling Peter, sorry I don´t check my blog comments too often these days! One great thing about moving back to CT is I will be reunited with my cookbooks and all my Chefs Warehouse notes! See you soonish, sometime this winter…which I believe is going to be a cold, wet one. Well, can’t win them all, at least there will be a Cape summer at the end of it! besos, B xx

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