The hitching post: Royal vs Real

May 2nd, 2011 § 0 comments

A fat screen, cucumber sandwiches and spiked tea was on my wish list for the royal wedding and for once my fairy godmother over-delivered. With a pink fur wand thrown in for good measure.

Wish list: check, check and check

Bless the Honourable Lady Hanlie Hill and Andie, Empress of Events, for hosting a high tea complete with Yorkshire puddings, Scotch eggs and Pimms. Boland princesses sporting fur (fake and real), tiaras, old wedding dresses and homecrafted fascinators* descended on Vriesenhof for the day. I landed a last minute invite and arrived, burning rubber, a few seconds before Kate.

Kate, behind Duchess Annette of Joostenberg's fascinator*

The Empire strikes back in the Boland

Back when Charles and Di got married the entire school sat wide-eyed in front of a massive old Telefunken. And I was young enough to make believe that a princess could hail from Uitenhage… any event, I was mesmerized and designed Lady Di-inspired ballgowns for months. Perhaps because of how Charles and Di ended, or because I’m 30 years older, or because this time around there was bubbly, delicious food and funky princesses to talk to, the actual wedding did less for me. But the party was delicious!

Scotch eggs, lovingly prepared by Prince Simon von Olding in his dressing gown in the early morning hours. The dedication!

And Prince von Olding’s delicious pork pie…

Lord only knows how many eggs he boiled

I loved hanging with Baroness Mila von Reyneke, as always. She’s channeling a bit of foxy Queen Mum here…

Mila van de hooglande

Lord Borrie and Andie, Empress of Events

And of course Lord Borrie’s jellies… what’s a royal shindig without a good jelly?

Britannia waives-the-rules-jellies for the colonies

The aristocats really went to town.

Princess Inke von All und Sandri's bejewelled cupcakes

Thank you ladies for a LOVELY lavish bash. I think Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and I felt much the same on Saturday morning…

Rockin it royally

*O yes, ere I forget – this is a disastrous example of a ‘fascinator’.

I blame Fergie. For everything.


For reasons too numerous to mention, my friend Callie Maritz is a legend. Suffice to say if you partied at the Onverklaarbar in Hermanus in its heyday, you’ll know Callie. On Sunday he finally took himself off the market by marrying Claudia, the most gorgeous woman and the mother of his 4-month old son, Pierre. In an aunt’s garden in Rosebank, Callie and Claudia tied the knot and baby was christened.

Love, love, love

It was a super relaxed affair. The service was quite… interactive… there were so many little people present, at one point it looked like they were getting married in a kindergarten. The babes were all on their best behaviour and only added to the charm of the day.

Mini witnesses everywhere

As one half of the ubertalented Cakebread team (with his dynamo of a sister Mari-Louis Guy) I expected the desserts to be 100% gorgeous.

Given time, their lovely book 'Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life' will outsell Wilbur Smith

For once Callie was less concerned with the cake table and lavished loads of attention on this little fellow.

This little piggy went to Salt River market...

Fit for a groom

I know how these pics upset sensitive readers but it was Callie’s big day and that’s that. Of all the heartfelt moments at their wedding, I think this picture captures the spirit best…

A love knot

It was by far the most relaxed wedding I’ve ever attended. Unlike Will and Kate they kissed often and laughed loudly. Big love to the radiant bride, her forever ouskool-cool hubby, and their beautiful bundle of boy!

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